How to Read Tells at the Poker Table

It is very important to do a right face reading in the game of poker. That way you can make a reasonable assumption about the hand a person is holding. Depending on such analysis, you can make the right call for your own hand. Poker players generally make sure that their face and other gestures give out a wrong signal or no signal at all. However, there are some moves, which are not under the control of a human being. Such involuntary actions are called tells and if they are properly read, you can very easily know if the person is holding strong, weak or draw hand.

Signs of strong hand
1.       When the player pretends that, he has no interest in the game.
2.       Trembling hands of the player generally symbolizes the excitement of having a good hand.
3.       An indifferent attitude is also a sign of possessing a good hand.
4.       When the gaze of a player shifts to the chips right after he looks at his card then it indicates a favorable hand.
5.       The over bouncing of chest symbolizes the attempt to hide joy.

Sign of weak hand
1.       When a player pretends to be comfortable by making direct eye contact then most of the time he has a weak hand.
2.       An abnormally stagnant chest is symbol of fear that arises due to the bad hand the player is holding.
3.       Quick betting is just an attempt to convince others that he has a good hand whereas in reality it is just the opposite.

Sign of drawing poker hand
1.       Continuous check of one’s card indicates that the player is keeping track of whether or not he has a draw.
2.       When a person just plays to be in the game by making slow bets then it can be fairly assumed that he has a draw.
3.       After the cards are displayed by some players, you should notice the reaction of the players who are still holding the hands. They will either rejoice or feel bad about missing the chance.

You should always keep in mind that people who play poker very frequently already know all the above-mentioned tips. They can easily trap you by giving false signals. They will give out such reactions that you might consider involuntary but will be well thought and pre planned by them. Keep a watch out for such players to make the right decision.


How to Personalize Poker Chips

Giving the poker chips a touch of your own can make them a great collection for yourself and a great idea of gift for your loved one. If you play poker or regular basis then this is necessary do activity for you. This way you can make your poker chips look different from that of others and beautify them in any manner you want. Even when you invite friends over for a game of poker, you can easily show off your poker chips make some of them go green. You might have friends who also love to play poker. You may want to gift them a set of poker chips but then it will just be an ordinary and impersonal gift. They will be lot more special if you creatively personalize them before making the gift. We are hereby going to give you some idea about how to do the same.

How to do it
1.       You will need a proper stamp for the whole process because making mark on each chip individually will take loads of time. A stamp can do the work faster. Such stamp can be purchased or made by placing an order at the proper shop.
2.       Before that, you must have decided a mark that properly represents you. You also need to decide a suitable ink for the marking. It is suggested that you should opt for colours of dark shade so that they can be visible on every chip irrespective of its colour.
3.       You should test the ink on paper before stamping your chips just to be sure of its density and application.
4.       The chips you are about to stamp should be new as well as clean so that the ink can imprint properly.
5.       After, they are firmly and neatly stamped they will require two hours before the ink is settled and dried up.

Things to remember
1.       You should but plastic chips, which do not have any sticker in its middle so that it can be stamped properly.
2.       Also if you going to keep these chips in a case then even that case can be stamped preferably with a different color to add an elegant touch.
3.       You should avoid permanent ink for the purpose of stamping because that can cause damage to the stamp itself and you will not be able to use it properly again will different colors.



As we all know, the gap is a very widely used principle amongst professional poker game tournament players. It simply states,” If you want to call a raise, you will definitely need a better hand, than the hand for which you will need to open the betting yourself”. E.g. if I have the face cards it is better time to call a raise than to fold.

This concept invented by David Sklansky in his classic poker book “Tournament Poker for advanced players”. Since the introduction of this concept poker tournaments have increased dramatically in both scale and number. However, for online maximum player will fold when they have the face card, rather than to call a raise.

So the question in hand is this-”Is the gap concept still on for online poker?” Answer is both yes and no. The pros, can toy around using pre flops and later setting you up in their trap. They later gather better hands and simultaneously raise the amount. You being bound to raise, do not understand his trap and fall easily for it. This type of situation requires you to play long-ball style, along with being predictable. This is surely effective strategy, by any means, but a sure pick off for the tricks.

So, when you are applying David Sklansky’s concept, you definitely keep in mind the assumptions involved. The concept is also dependent on opponent’s style, and strategy like is he, maniac or not? Is the table aggressive or tight? Other players and the amount raised by them? Amount of the raises? Is the position a standard late, short stacked etc. or not?

The status of the tournament also dictates the strategy that changes the ranks of aggression and desperation. There are certain conditions and position like against the short stack coming in with an all raise from late, it would be better to call from more hands than normal, even though that would make an underdog. It is simply avoiding dominance here.  Another time to act similarly would be when I am having face cards with 2-3 non face cards, in a late position and the pot is favoring others a lot.

To sum up, the gap concept has application only when in early stages of professional poker, but not in the later ones. You may be set up in the post flop trick where others have become more advanced than you may.


Poker Strategy Books

Most of the times it happens that in the want of winning more money at poker, you just rush for playing at poker table by yourself and soon lose a big amount of your deposit money. This often makes you disappointed and you think of the reasons why you have lost this money in such an easy way.

At this point, taking help from a good poker strategy book can help you a lot. The players who are novice at this game are required to learn all the basics of playing poker online so that they can stand for long in this competitive world of online poker. A lot of poker strategy books are available but it can be a challenging job to found out the best one for you which benefits you the most. There are various high quality poker books are also available but they may cost you around $300 or else hundreds of dollars if you take a lesson training from any professional poker player.
Reading poker books can help you a lot to get desired success in winning hand at poker table. While winning at poker, you have to attain an edge and these books will provide you with that edge.

So let’s know how the poker books can help you while playing poker-

If somewhere in the game of poker, you feel restless and find yourself surrounded with a bad luck, reading a poker book would assist you a lot to get the right way and to discover the possibilities of tuning your game into the right direction. The books include several sections on the various concepts of poker which would be highly useful to you while playing poker.

Since the past decade, the game of poker online has attained immense popularity resulting into the huge increase of poker players online. There are the majority of poker players who lose a big amount of real cash instead of winning. So for those people, reading poker books can do a great contribution to make you successful at winning the game online.

To get desired success in poker, great skills and expertise is required on your part. Thus poker books help to improve your abilities and skills and prepare you to face all the coming complications while playing the game.

Thus, to win a big amount of real cash in poker, you need to gain the depth of knowledge and all the fundamentals of poker concepts which can only be gained by reading a good poker strategy book. As soon as you apply the book strategies into your practice, you will see a considerable improvement in your way of playing poker online.

How Online Poker Site Program Software Works

There are a lot of differences between an online poker room and a traditional land casino which are clearly apparent to the poker players. But there are some contrasts which are not very likely visible and one of such difference is the cards and the way they are dealt.

While playing in a live casino, there is a fairer shuffling and dealing of the cards, thus maintaining the integrity of the game, whereas in online poker, the integrity is not maintained to that extent and in that case, a software program does the shuffling and dealing of the cards.

Thus, the player who wants to increase his bankroll while playing poker online, the knowledge about how an online poker site software program works, is very important. If you are aware of its working, you would not get cheated by other players.

Some varieties of random number generator are used by poker sites for creating shuffle deck. But from the past few years, the shuffling calculations have been broken giving the cheaters a way to exploit other players. Thus several sites are creating some extra poker algorithms to save the game from the cheaters. These poker algorithms help to control the illegal activity at poker tables by detecting that one player cannot win all the hands at the table. One such case was seen in the Absolute poker in which a single player won almost all the hands in the tournament which is just impossible to believe. Thus to prevent such happenings in the game, the poker sites installed program software.

Besides, this poker site software program also helps in finding out the person who is colluding with his opponents in the game. This software can change the cards outcome resulting into the prevention of that player’s illegal attempt of winning the game. The major disadvantage of this program is that the actual skill of player of winning the cash is inherited to certain amount.

So, what can be other solution for poker players to play and win a fairer game without taking help to online software programs that can change the outcome of your game efforts? One such solution is to attain mastery on the software patterns and flaws and to learn to adjust your actions according to them. You can also choose one more option by playing only live poker at reliable casino.

Poker is one of the most skilled casino games online around we play today so if you are looking for somwe mind game then you should play it.

Dice Poker Chips

For playing and continuing the game of poker, you have to get your own poker chips. A variety of poker chips are available to make your game easier and interesting. The chips can be easily bought from any departmental or grocery store. Bit you want something of a better quality, a clay resin chip can work for you as it looks and sounds like a real casino chip and also lasts for longer. One of the most sought after chips are Dice Poker Chips with low price and good quality.

What is Dice Poker?
The Dice poker chips are made up of clay resin and look as rim design picture of dice. They are available in variety of colors and can be bought as a single or in gaming sets.

Who Sells Dice Poker Chips
The people who sell other varieties of poker can have this kind of chip. There are various departmental stores having poker game accessories will have such dice chips else you can also buy them online.

Individual Dice Chips
Individual die chips are available for sale by the companies which are generally used to replace lost or damaged chips. There are some people who are interested to collect the chips of different shapes and designs, thus they collect these individual dice chips. When you want to make your own chip set by collecting these individual chips, it’s good if you purchase a set with having a carrying and storage space so that the chips remain in a good condition together.

Sets of Dice Chips
Dice poker chips are also available in sets to meet with the requirements of game play. Sometimes, dice, cards and chips are also included into the sets and are available in a carrying case.

300 Piece Set is the ideal set for the players who are completely new to the game and are indefinite if they would be able to play for a short span or would continue the game for a longer term. These chips are made up of 11.5 gram resin chips having a metal inside it. They have usually 100 white, 50 red and 50 blue colored chips.

500 pieces set generally comes with 150 white, 150 red, 100 green and 50 each of blue and black chips with 5 dice and 2 deck of cards.

Then there is the 650 piece set contains the same style chips as other dice poker chips. It also has a dealer button and 2 decks of cards. Finally there is 1000 piece set which is ideal for a group of 14 to 16 players and have 300 white, 300 red, 200 blue, 100 green and 100 black chips.

So wither you are a beginner or an experienced player, there is always a dice poker chip set for you to continue the game with the same thrill and excitement.


How to Play Free Poker Games

Winning great prizes while playing at the great online poker rooms! That’s what each poker player dreams about. At great poker games, we have tried our best to convert this dream of each poker player into a reality; by helping them in learning the winning tips and strategies of great poker games like Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Horse Poker and Killer Queen Poker as well.

How to Play Poker Games for Free

Free Poker Games

Gambling has the basic uncertainty factor in it which makes it rather riskier than any other game. Gambling is done by the gamblers who intend to earn more money from by placing bets for the most obvious numbers in the game. The amounts once charged will not get refund at any cost. Thus take care of the sum you would be submitting as the principle to place the bet in the betting casino. Whereas poker is great game, the most popular one among its group members. It is not an individual game. It is a family game instead. People like playing poker game in their family get together also. You can play poker online too.Among online poker games, Poker Holdem is the most popular. There are online casinos which provide free poker games kind attractive games to their registered users for a free even. You can use the promotional codes and coupons to seek a chance to play free poker games online. is one of the most popular table games you'll find at any online casino. It's fast, exciting and relatively simple to play. The payouts are large and many of the bets carry a low house edge. 


Things which you would need in case you want to play free poker games are like high speed internet enabled computer systems with a group of friends interested in playing poker with you.

1.) Take part in online tournaments where you could play free poker games and earn real money and other prices too. If you win the various low level tournaments online initially, you can then reserve a seat in the national level tournaments further. It all depends on the quality of play you perform.
2.) Replace money with poker chips during the get together of friends of family to enjoy more with them.
3.) Look for easy buy- in tournament packages which can provide you more chances to play free poker online under a particular provision.
4.) You can play free poker games with a game system also. Like worlds most famous game Xbox offers poker games package with their game system. This way you will be saving a lot of money as you don’t have to pay anything for playing poker along with the Xbox games you bought. You can play free poker game then which come under the world poker tournament series.
5.) You can earn real money by playing free games even. So don’t underestimate the free game packages like free bingo which are very beneficial for beginners in every sense.

Tips and warnings

Free poker online is made for the beginners those who actually want to learn the game first. Don’t play for money if you are still a beginner. And don’t gamble for more then you could afford to lose. It’s pure gambling so; you ought to be cautious about how much you invest in it.

Our poker experts have worked hard to recommend you a handy list of great online poker rooms where you can prove your online poker skills and win some great prizes as well. So let your dream come true by playing your best level at great Poker Room suggested by great poker games!

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